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Personalized Dental Restoration Treatment in Brookfield

Along with being one of our most memorable and prominent features, the smile is also essentially used during everyday life. When severe damage or missing teeth are present within a smile, the repercussions are numerical. Significant functions such as speaking and eating, as well as healthy self-confidence, can all be greatly affected. 

With a dedicated passion for serving her community with exceptional dentistry, Dr. Christine Waldron and her team at Candlewood Family Dental truly enjoy helping patients achieve the healthy, beautiful, and fully-functional smiles they deserve. We believe everyone has the right to feel completely confident about their appearance, and our commitment to patient care is reflected in the top-quality dental restorations we provide. 

If you or a loved one are looking to repair or replace teeth with the completely natural-looking crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures, contact Brookfield dental team today! 

Restorative Solutions from Dr. Christine Waldron

Whether you require single tooth repair, replacing multiple teeth, or an entire arch, Dr. Waldron, and her team are here to help you obtain a full and confident smile. 

New and existing patients can take advantage of the following restorative options, which include:

Repairing Smiles with White Composite Fillings 

We utilize enamel-colored, composite materials for repairing damage or fractures on teeth. This reliable restorative solution allows Dr. Waldron to blend the right shades to create the perfect color to match your healthy, neighboring teeth. The composite material also bonds effectively and efficiently with natural enamel allowing for continued resilience from everyday wear and tear. 

Single-Tooth Restoration with Our Reliable Crowns

For patients with severe damage to a tooth due to decay, trauma, injury, or prior root canal therapy treatment, we offer completely customized crowns to protect the entirety of the affected tooth structure. By utilizing the expertise of our trusted outside lab, we work closely with our restorative team to produce top-quality enamel-colored crowns made with reliable porcelain. This allows for continued durability while maintaining a life-like appearance to your healthy, neighboring teeth. 

Addressing Multiple Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

When missing several teeth in a row, our team offers entirely personalized dental bridge appliances to replace multiple teeth. These restorations replace several missing teeth by using the surrounding structures as a sturdy foundation. This creates a literal “bridge” between remaining and missing teeth which restores dental function while providing completely discreet results. 

Replacing an Entire Detention with Dentures 

When an entire dental arch requires replacement, Dr. Waldron provides traditional, non-surgical denture prosthetics that rest on the gums and utilize natural suction for replacing the needs of an entire smile. Their partial equivalents are viable options for restoring sizable gaps within a detention.  These appliances may stay in place using either natural suction or metal clasps that wrap around any remaining teeth. 

Restoring Natural Beauty and Function with Implant-Supported Prosthetics

At Candlewood Family Dental Dr. Christine Waldron restores dental implant and finalizes their treatment with our custom-crafted restorative prosthetics. With over 20 years in the field, she has established a highly skilled network of trusted implant placement specialists to ensure accurate and successful implant treatment. 

Patients are given time to heal as the dental implant posts, acting as artificial tooth roots, must properly fuse to jawbone. Once the titanium implant posts have healed completely, our team invites you back to our Brookfield practice to affix your personalized prosthetic. 

We provide implant-supported crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures that are all designed to fit your specific smile as well as mimic neighboring teeth for beautiful and discreet results.

Call Candlewood Family Dental for Your Restorative Consultation Today! 

Dr. Christine Waldron and our team truly care about the overall well-being of patients and their smiles. We work closely with you and your loved ones to create a restorative treatment plan that is entirely your own. We encourage you to contact us today!